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Memory and emotion are closely linked.


The amygdala and hippocampus can interact to modulate the encoding and storage of memories. What does this mean for the student? It means that if you are bored, take a break. The stronger your emotions are about what you are studying, the more likely you are to remember it. The easiest way to elicit emotion is to read with opinion. Have an opinion about everything you read or disagree with everything you read until you have rationalised it so your brain acts as a filter or a sentinel. That way you learn the facts together with the rationale for learning those facts and you are not just rote learning..

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve charts memory retention over time. There is an initial steep decline followed by a more gradual decline of the residual information over time. The forgetting curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it.The curve is similar to an exponential decay curve with a half life of less than 1 hour.


The overlying concern when writing for science should be to write with clarity and to be factually accurate. A long clever, complex sentence is counterproductive. Short, atomic sentences are preferable because they are active and they are clear. An atomic sentence has two parts:

  • The Subject What you want to talk about. This could be simple e.g. A Salt. When you are sure about what it is you want to write about, write it down.
  • The predicate. This should be true, accurate and based on a learned principle and not your opinion unless you are asked for your suggestion. Try and stick as closely as possible to the formal definition, so your answers are definitions in context. The first thing is to identify what type of object you are talking about. In this case a salt is a compound. Then state the information you want to convey. So for example:

    A salt is a compound that is formed when the hydrogen ion in an acid is replaced by a metal ion or ammonium ion.


Learn Computer Programming

Learn PYTHON, HTML, Javascript, C/C++ from our Tutors. Interested in creating your own interactive web pages or interested in becoming a proficient programmer for your GCSE and Alevel Computer Studies? Contact our Tutors. +44 1784 665358.

Learning Skills

It is important to be reflective if you are going to develop into an effective learner. Always review your session at the end to make sure you have clearly identified what you have learned and how. Always review what worked well and what didn't work and try to figure out the reason why.

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Sofiya has taken Biology, Chemistry and Maths A'levels. Sofiya's nickname last year was "The encyclopaedia" because of her impressive ability to recall most of what she had learnt. Sofiya uses very effective learning techniques and always engages with her work. Sofiya was on track this year for A*A*A*

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We have been turning out top students for almost 20 years.

We are a group of highly specialised tutors who provide consistent tuition in science and maths all year round. This is not a tutoring agency so you get the benefit of years and years of experience with the same set of tutors with an extremely strong track record. You do not have to try and select the best tutors, we have done it for you. Tuition lasts from 1 to 3 years on average, so to us, excellence, continuity, strong relationships and student satisfaction are paramount. There is the option for weekly on-site lessons and half-term, easter and summer residential courses with meals and accomodation provided once normal school resumes.

We have moved from residential courses to on-line courses and now provide on-line courses both in the summer and all year round. Contact us if you would like to register for either the summer courses or the weekly courses for the next academic year. The easiest way to do this is to email or preferably pick up the phone. It is always useful to speak to someone in person as these courses are often tailored to the individual or the individual groups. However, there is an element of selection as we have limited capacity. Students we are keen to take are students that are highly competitive and determined to achieve As and A*s or students who just feel that with the extra help they will exceed expectations. We are also keen to take students who want to study engineering, medicine, dentistry and other medical sciences.

We strongly believe that everyone is capable of gaining high grades. Hard work alone is not the answer. The way a topic is presented to the student determines their engagement, their grasp of the topic and ultimately their satisfaction. This being the case, there is no substitute for experience. An experienced tutor can make light work of a complex topic in an hour whilst an inexperience one might take a week and leave the student confused because they have taken the wrong approach. Once this confusion has set in it is difficult to unravel the "spaghetti". So we make sure you leave each lesson understanding everything you have been studying and place a huge emphasis on problem-solving and analytical skills.

Software that aids studying is always very useful especially if it is underpinned by cognitive science and current pedagogical best practices. A number of software tools are being developed and used by our students. is a collection of useful tools to help with GCSE maths and science.

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Jerome has a 1st class degree in Engineering and his main interests are robotics and computing. Jerome teaches Maths, Physics and Computer Programming.

Scientists carried out a study of very able students. These students were able to read a text and retain a lot of the information. Scientists looked at the strategies they used to do this and this was called Strategic Reading. Braincake is an interactive textbook online that allows you to highlight text and answer different types of questions based on a small chunk of content. It makes use of the strategic reading techniques.

Algenon's Emporium Animated Algebra Tutor

Algenon's emporium is an interactive tool made by our tutors. It teaches algebra by relating it to buying and selling online. Students who learn computer programming have a wide range of applications they can create.

Summer Robotics Class

If you are interested in robotics, we have a robotics class in the summer.

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