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The value of previewing your AS, A2 or A level course before the start of the academic year cannot be overstated. Alternatively, you may want to ensure you get the predictions needed or review the year you have just completed. Enjoy the ultimate working holiday for hard-working, ambitious individuals. Join our intensive summer course studying full A Levels for Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Dentistry and other Sciences and speak to past Medical Students who have been on the course. Students can be residential or non-residential and residential students can spend the evenings and weekends relaxing and enjoying the attractions the UK has to offer, including Legoland, Thorpe Park and historic Windsor Castle. Enjoy boat trips on the River Thames, visit Eton and Oxford, go punting in Cambridge or see a famous West End Show.

This course is suitable for UK-based students who want to get ahead for Medical School or for International Students who want to spend a working summer in Great Britain. Meals and accommodation are included in the price and a swimming pool is available on site. Breakfast is typically a choice between a full-english breakfast and a continental breakfast with a choice of cold meats and cereals. Morning coffee and biscuits and afternoon tea and cake are provided. Lunch and supper menus are tailored to suit the students.

An invaluable opportunity to achieve excellence, the course is set close to historic Windsor Castle. The accelerated A-level course is structured using rigorous methods of learning to deliver AS, A2 or full A-level residential or non-residential courses over 3 weeks or 6 weeks in the summer holidays. Study takes place in a comfortable setting from Monday to Friday 9:00am - 6:00pm with breaks for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea. Residential students are free to rest and recuperate on Saturday and on Sunday, there are organised day-trips to historic places around the country such as London, Windsor and Bath so that it's not all work and no play for our diligent students.

Each A-level is delivered over 80 hours per subject using a structured, well-tested, scientifically-driven approach. Each new block of learning expands and builds upon a successfully-completed prior learning block. Each block takes an hour to complete and there are a total of 80 blocks per subject. Students are periodically tested for comprehension and retention and at the end of the course a Mock Exam is held under strict exam conditions to demonstrate student progress.

The students are taught valuable study-skills and exam techniques as an integral part of the course. The structured approach trains students to follow best-practice at all times. Analysis and association replace repetitive learning and topics are reviewed and revisited periodically so that they do not forget what they have learned.

Each course consists of a small group and very personalised tuition by an experienced, fully-vetted and DBS-checked tutor so each student is given as much focus and attention as they need. The environment is at times quiet and peaceful, at other times fun, but always enjoyable. Generous discounts apply for more two or more students attending together.

email: or call +44 (0)1784 665358 9:00am to 9:00pm Monday to Friday for more information.


Sarah - Veterinary Medicine

I truly do not believe Sarah would have achieved the excellent grades she did without your lessons. She took instantly to your method of teaching. It enabled her to review what she knew in part and ensure she fully understood each subject area.

Through your interactive teaching she grew in knowledge and confidence and was able to close down subject areas she otherwise still would have had queries over. The pace of learning ensured she covered all she needed to cover within her timeframes and ensured her learning was stretched at a healthy challenging pace and fully retained for when she needed to apply it.

Additionally Sarah didn't just learn things, she absorbed and could apply the knowledge you imparted, which is such an essential skill to learn ahead of University. We were completely confident in you knowing exactly what she needed to know for her particular syllabus, board and subjects.

Not only did you teach her but you also inspired her with your shared passion about the sciences. She would often return from a lesson thrilled with what she now knew. In short by imparting your knowledge and guiding her in self learning you were an essential stepping stone that enabled her to reach her full potential and in ensuring the transition to lecture based teaching was smooth. At the end of the 6th Form she had the most UCAS points out of everyone in her year and all in academic subjects.

As parents we still reflect on how fortunate we were to find you. You provided something we couldn't as parents and her teachers couldn't within the time and classroom restraints they have. We are all eternally grateful, no more so than Sarah, as her life's aim to become a fully qualified veterinary surgeon was achieved with no retakes at any stage, she just continued to build from the strong foundation you gave her.

Eternally grateful,

Sue & Paul

Sunil - Dentistry

On starting A levels we felt that my son Sunil would benefit greatly from additional tuition. Mrs Graves. taught him for his A levels. She was an excellent teacher. My son grew more and more in confidence as she taught him. He is a hard worker but would comment often on how Mrs Graves's tuition was invaluable. He said the way she explained material and took him through material was first class. He was able to grasp information much faster and to a high degree with her tuition.

Her character and personality were just what a child of my son's age liked and could relate to. She was humorous as well as an excellent teacher and my son missed her a great deal once his tuition with her was over. They had developed a very good relationship and he really enjoyed his lessons with her. He commented that she was better than any of his teachers at school.

She is dedicated to her students and teaches passionately. My son wanted to study dentistry at university. Due to Mrs. G's tuition he achieved the required grades in his A levels which were Maths, Biology and Chemistry. She assisted him until the day he received a place at university. In terms of dedication we couldn't have asked for more. Her communication skills were excellent. Her speech was always grammatically perfect, and she spoke at an even pace to allow her words to sink in.

I have no hesitation in recommending Mrs Graves.'s teaching. I feel we could have done a lot worse in finding suitable tuition yet we could not have done much better.

..... and many more from students who have attended or are currently attending top UK universities and studying Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering etc...


  • AS/A2 3 weeks
  • Residential

  • One Subject £2250
  • Two Subjects £3850
  • Three Subjects £4800
  • excluding entertainment
  • A Level 6 weeks
  • Residential

  • One Subject £4500
  • Two Subjects £7700
  • Three Subjects £9600
  • excluding entertainment
  • AS/A2 3 weeks
  • Non-Residential

  • One Subject £1250
  • Two Subjects £2850
  • Three Subjects £3800
  • excluding entertainment
  • A Level 6 weeks
  • Non-Residential

  • One Subject £2500
  • Two Subjects £5700
  • Three Subjects £7600
  • excluding entertainment


The course runs from the 22nd of July to the 31st of August, 2019. The first three weeks will cover the AS specification and the last 3 weeks will cover the A2 specification. The course is ideal if you want to get ahead and study your AS levels or A levels over the summer. The advantage of studying over the summer is you can then gain much more from your school year and spend the year gaining deeper knowledge and perfecting your exam technique. Topics are interwoven to aid retention.

Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry are highly competitive so any advantage you can gain will increase your chances of getting a place and will increase your A level predictions, particularly if you think you may have difficulty achieving the highest grades. For some students the gap between GCSEs and A levels takes a while to bridge and if they have not been bridged by the school mock exams that typically takes place in January or February, A level predictions tend to be disappointingly low and this will affect your university entry.

You will also get a chance to talk to current and past students about how they coped with their A level years and about their experiences in university.


Mathematics requires structure and discipline. There are three aspects of mathematics. Skill acquisition, knowledge of mathematical principles and problem-solving. Skill acquisition takes practice. A knowledge of mathematical principles comes with understanding and appreciation, and problem-solving strategies are something you can develop over a short period of time and continuously apply.


It is important you understand the foundations of chemistry. Only then will everything else logically fit into place. The AS level content is straightforward and intuitive and up to 45% of the chemistry course involves calculations. Competence in these calculations can be achieved over time which is why it is useful to start practising early.


Physics is about the behaviour of physical entities described using base and derived quantities. All objects are modelled as particles and the simplified model enables predictions to be made about the behaviour of the objects. The mathematics required for physics is fairly rudimentary, generally involving rearranging formulae and substitution.


This is a complex A level requiring a broader skillset of memorisation, comprehension and written communication. There is a substantial amount of data analysis involved and this A level builds and develops scientific thinking. For example, the appreciation that correlation does not mean causation or recognising when a scientific study is inconclusive because it is incomplete develops the students' critical thinking. As with all the sciences, observation is paramount as is appreciating the importance of the obvious.


Congratulations to those students who got A*s in Chemistry, Biology and Maths and are now studying Medicine.

Also congratulations to Sunil for graduating as a Dentist.

Study Tip of the Week

Solving Differential Equations

You can think of solving differential equations as being a three-step process, namely:

  1. Separate the variables
  2. Integrate both sides
  3. Find c.

Interesting Interview Question

How do you get an elephant into a fridge?

Medicine and Dentistry

Interview Process Queen Mary/Barts

Possibly a panel interview in front of 3 people (usually 2 staff members and 1 current student). The interview lasts around 15 mins and general questions are asked.

Typical questions might be:

  • Why medicine?
  • Why Barts?
  • What could you contribute to our university/students union?
  • What makes a good doctor/dentist?
  • What qualities do you have?

These are generally the types of questions given, not really anything to try throw candidates off. Try and have a conversation and not sound too rehearsed. Also looking at some research papers or articles of interest to discuss could be helpful.


The course takes pace in Wraysbury, Berkshire, which is just a few miles from Windsor and close to Heathrow Airport.

Case Study

Beth achieved 4 A*s at A Level including Maths, Further Maths and Physics and went on to study at a top university. She went through her A levels in the summer holidays and had already made notes for each lesson before the start of the academic year.

The journey to school by car took half an hour. Every morning on the way to school, she would review her notes. Once in class she would highlight or annotate her notes, and because she had already covered the course she was able to ask useful questions and deepen her knowledge.

Beth admits that because she had completed the course prior to the start of the year, she did less work during the year and did not experience the stress that A levels can put students under. Her homework took less time and she was able to do exam papers from the start of the year. In fact, Beth enjoyed her A level year immensely and was able to take part in many activities, most of which she included in her personal statement.

More Information

Accellent is run by a very experienced and professional teacher who has been teaching successfully for many years. The lessons are fun, intense and stimulating and because of the accelerated nature of the course, students are taught to be highly efficient learners. Topics are interwoven to aid retention and 'strategic learning' techniques are used.

The exam boards we study include OCR, AQA and Edexcel. Students taking their exams the next June will be set up to a total of 36 exam practice papers per subject to be done weekly from September to June, but this is optional. Students will however receive support throughout their year and up to their exams.

The course fee also includes free access to for one year.


London, UK

Phone: +44 (0)1784 665358


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Please make sure you sign up for the Course :

If your application is successful, you will be sent an invoice with payment details. A 50% deposit is required to secure your place. Upon receipt of your payment, your place is secure. You can cancel your booking up until the 1st of June and your deposit will be fully refunded. Cancellations after after the 1st June will incur a £250 cancellation fee for non-residential students and a £500 cancellation fee for residential students. For residential students, the payment includes a security deposit of £500, refundable at the end of the course.